Monday, January 20, 2020

Sonos One Review


The Sonos One is a smart speaker made by Sonos that mixes excellent sound quality with the Alexa and Google Smart Assistants. Coming in at $200, it fits into your Sonos setup perfectly, allowing users to play music across all pre-existing speakers in the home and take advantage of the Assistants to control everything.

Build Quality

When it comes to all Sonos products, you can’t go wrong. Similar to the Play One, the Sonos One is a rectangular prism with curved corners. A mesh-like grill wraps around the entire speaker, allowing for almost 360-degree audio with the exception of a bar on the back. The speaker comes in two main colours being black and white but Sonos has recently come out with a few seasonal options like red, orange, green and many more.

The Sonos One blends into bookshelves and other furniture better than the previous model. The design is also fluid with minimal bumps and divots. The device has volume up/down buttons on the top to go with the play/pause and mic mute button. An Ethernet port is also included on the back to help with internet connection and a dedicated pairing button for seamless setup within the Sonos app.

Sound Quality

The audio on the Sonos One sounds great. Ever since their first product, the company has always put focus on the sound coming from their devices. Sonos One sounds very similar to its predecessor, the Play 1, the company used similar technologies and hardware on both versions. Overall the sound easily fills a room and feels great with deep bass and crisp treble.

Another advantage of choosing Sonos is the fact that all of their speakers work together. This means that you can create a stereo pair with two Sonos Ones for even better sound quality and immersion. You can also use them as rear speakers with a Playbar, Beam or Playbase and even add the Sonos Sub for a full 4.1 surround sound setup.

Unfortunately, Sonos seems to be phasing out the older speakers like the Play 1 and Play 3 as you cannot make a stereo pair with them and the newer devices.


The Sonos One comes with a wide variety of features that you simply cannot get with other speakers. The main one being that you do have the ability to pair your entire Sonos system together and play music throughout your home from one app. Speaking of the app, that is another advantage of choosing Sonos. All of your music can be stored in the one app and it makes it easy for setup, updates, and configuration.

Another great aspect of the Sonos One is the smart assistant integration. The Sonos One and Beam come with Alexa. This means that you can use your voice to control volume, play and pause tracks, choose songs and much more. Alexa also comes with a ton of cool skills that can be enabled through the Alexa app. The best part about having Alexa on this speaker is that not only do you get all of her great skills, but you also get the excellent sound quality that you expect from Sonos.

Google has also just announced that the Google Assistant will finally be making its way to the Sonos One.

Final Thoughts

The Sonos One is an excellent speaker, it pairs great sound and build quality with smart assistants like Alexa and the Google Assistant. The speaker fits perfectly into your preexisting setup or functions well as an introductory product. The app is also a huge plus for choosing Sonos. Overall you will be very pleased with this device and it is a great speaker for practically everyone.

Review overview


  • Build & sound quality
  • Setup
  • Sonos App


  • Price
  • Occasional connection issues


The Sonos One is an excellent smart speaker. The sound and build quality are great and pair well with Alexa and the Google Assistant. Setup is also seamless and fast through the Sonos app. The speaker is a bit pricey and connection is occasionally lost between device and speaker but overall, I would highly recommend the Sonos One.