Monday, November 18, 2019

Samsung QN55Q6F


The Samsung QN55Q6F Flat 55” Smart Tv is an affordable option when looking for a strong performing TV with a full utilized display, great audio and a sleek, modern design.

Being the base model of the Q6F 2018 series, there is still a large range of features that will enhance the image quality and sound output.

This smart TV provides you with all the specs and functions that you get with all Samsung QF6 series televisions. You will get functions such as triple black to help you see the contrast between the darkest of the dark and the lightest of the light as well as multiple smart functions.

Additionally, the expanded color and depth provides you with a wider color spectrum for more realistic and stark images. Those images are enhanced through an audio output that will enhance the fully immersive experience that Samsung is known for.

Design and Build

This Samsung is the pinpoint of the return of Samsung’s QLED premium TVs. As the base model, you still get some of the most distinctive features that come with the higher-end models. If you are looking for a great, sleek look, this TV has it. You will be able to enjoy the look of it both in front and behind, which is unlike most televisions with jumbled cords around multiple ports.

The back panel is designed with a textured plastic surface that has ribbed angels that run horizontally. There is a glass layer that covers the display panel, but you have to look carefully to see it. Additionally, the metal trim that goes around the edges of the panel are slim and don’t overlap the glass panel. Visually, you get the most viewing at any angle possible on the 55” screen.

For wall mounting, there is a 400 X 400 mm VESA mount. Since the set weighs 39 lbs and measures at 48.3 X 9.8 X 30.7, you can easily move it from the table that has a silver finish latches to the wall that comes with built-in cable routing so that you can have a display that is clutter free.


Given the specifications, that include a 120Hz refresh rate along with the quantum-dot technology, this smart TV operates fantastically. However, viewing this television has a mixed impression that ranges from very impressive to mediocre. Ultimately, it comes down to preference.  

Overall, the performance of the Samsung QN55Q6F is good from the bottom to the top of the proverbial performance range. It has some limitations that come from it being the base model of the Samsung Q6F models but has many of the great attributes that you will find in the Q9F higher-end models. Some limitations include the slight distortion of view at a deep angle and muffled sounds when the base sound is at its fullest.

When watching any types of televisions shows that contain large ranges of color hues, this television delivers on quality and realism. The color is accurate and bright enough to distinguish between the darkest blacks and lightest whites.

As you would come to expect from a Samsung product, this smart TV delivers great HDR support. However, rather than go with Dolby Vision, Samsung chose to go with their HDR10+ Content that is delivered in-house. Though the HDR10+ is sufficient, it might be perceived as the lesser than to Dolby.

The Samsung QN55Q6F television shines with excellent 1418 nits and in delivering the optimal 4k resolution. There is smooth motion and crisp details of images that make viewing any type of television show ideal.  Whether you prefer the fast paced, action packed type shows or light hearted comedies, the images will come across clear and detailed.

Audio Performance

There are twin 40-watt speakers that are built-in. Additionally, you get the subwoofer if you prefer added base sounds. Regardless of the dialogue that is whispered or screaming, you can hear everything easily and clearly. Even with intense dialogue happening alongside live action, you can still distinguish easily between the sounds without having to adjust the volume.

Smart Features

There is a Smart Hub platform that is derived from Samsung and drives all the connected features. Having voice assistance from Bixby helps Samsung compete with like models done with Alexa or Siri. The overall interface is clean and neat allowing you to choose your smart programming with ease and comfort.

Other useful smart features include the voice search option and an additional web browser. There is a good number of app selections though not as many as you would find with Roku TV or other Android Televisions. You will have access to all the major streaming services that include NetFlix, Amazon and Google Play. Finally, there are some great music options including iHeartRadio, Pandora and Spotify.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Samsung QN55Q6F television delivers on performance, smart features and sound. Given that this model is the base model,  this television is well equipped with all that you could need to have an enjoyable and immersive watching experience.

With an edge-lit LCD panel to the variety of ports that are cased in an impressive visual style, you will love all the various aspects of this cheaper television model. Despite the fact that it is a lower level television, you get many of the same features you would find in higher-end models. If you are on the market for a great 4K Smart Tv that is decently priced, then you want to purchase the Samsung QN55Q6F television.

Review overview


  • Color that is fantastic and realistic
  • Brightness is ideal for any type of show
  • Fantastic audio


  • The Edge Lit Back-lighting isn't that great
  • This television does not support Dolby


Overall, the Samsung QN55Q6F is a decent television. For the lowest model in its range, this television provides you all the viewing comfort you could want with excellent picture quality. Additionally, the audio output is fantastic. Voices that are hushed in a background of noise can be heard just fine. Ultimately, you need to decide which television will suit you best. However, the Samsung QN55Q6F television is a great choice for those who aren't looking for the highest class of television, but still wants quality.