Monday, November 18, 2019
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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review


The Surface Pro 6 is a device designed by Microsoft, and it is the latest hybrid tablet-laptop in their lineup. Designed for people who need to work while on the go, the Surface Pro 6 is lightweight with plenty of power to handle your workload.

This hybrid comes with the latest features that include quad-core processing, Pen Stylus and the Intel Kaby Lake Refresh processor. The battery is strong enough to last your work day, and you can easily transfer it from laptop mode to tablet mode in a matter of seconds.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is the perfect device for students, those who work remotely and locally as well as anyone else who wants a portable tablet/laptop to take anywhere with them. With some of the latest technology implemented into this hybrid, you will love how quickly you can get through your multiple projects.


Comparable to all of Microsoft’s hybrids, the Surface Pro 6 is designed with portability in mind. It weighs a mere 1.7lbs and is complete with a kickstand, a TypeCover keyboard dock and has a six-pin port. Additionally, this hybrid comes ready to use with Windows 10 installed and ready to go.

The stability of the kickstand is comparable to none as it offers complete stability with its ultrawide design. Furthermore, you can use it with ease with a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard and not worry about it being knocked over.

The keyboard dock comes with magnetic strips that allow you to simply snap and lock the keyboard on without having to fiddle repeatedly with it. The design also allows you to use your Surface Pro on uneven surfaces without worry.

There aren’t any additional ports on the dock, and the device itself is very limited in terms of extra USB and HDMI ports.  However, it is a gorgeous little device that is smooth to the touch and has a 12.3 PixelSense touchscreen that boasts an amazing 2 736 X 1824 resolution.


There are a variety of Surface Pro Options on the market. The Surface Pro 6 reviewed here is the Intel Core i5-825OU with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of hard drive space. It also comes complete with an Intel UHD Graphics 620.

The performance is comparable to benchmark, mid-line range laptops and other tablets. Additionally, since it is powered by the same processor as most laptops and is quad-core, this hybrid runs amazingly. The Surface Pro 6 runs more powerfully than most tablets and lower model laptops.

Admirably, the Surface Pros runs well regardless of what you are doing. Whether you are working online with multiple tabs open or word processing, this hybrid will perform amazingly for you. You can download and upload files with ease and never worry about storage space.

The images are stark and realistic with excellent picture quality and excellent color. You can play a variety of games on this hybrid. However, you don’t want to use it for day to day gaming as it will not perform fast enough for you. Yet, if you play touch-friendly games, the Surface Pro 6 will work amazingly.

Since one the primary purposes of this device were for media creation, the 3:2 screen will provide larger black boxes when viewing videos that are either 16:9 or 21:9.


The Surface Pro 6 display comes in around 12.3 inches across and has an amazing resolution of 2736 X 1824. With a resolution like that, you are getting 267 pixels per inch of screen space. This allows the display to shine bright with excellent image quality.

The glass is tempered, and that can lead to glare from the sunlight or harsh lighting. However, that is dependent on the angle being used.

If you are using your Surface Pro for digital art of any kind, then you will appreciate the gamut coverage. However, if you are into photography, this device is not ideal for photo editing. The reason for this is that it doesn’t come with a dGPU. As a result, you would want to use another device for photographs.

Review overview


  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Great display
  • Great Performance


  • Not ideal for photographs
  • Keyboard and Stylus are separate purchases


When you are a remote worker or someone who has to move around a lot, and you need a powerful enough device that can transform from Tablet to Laptop in a pinch, then the Surface Pro 6 is the device for you. With excellent image quality, a good size and lightweight, this device are ideal for those who want a hybrid that can perform as well as they need it too.