Monday, January 20, 2020
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MaxOak K2


As a digital nomad, I have the need to keep my laptop and cell phone, which supplies my internet service, charged at all times.

Before I bought my solar panel and marine 12 volt battery, I needed something I could charge up that could provide me more laptop juice when I needed it. I found a product called the MaxOak K2 Laptop Power Bank. Basically, it is an external battery bank or portable laptop charger that is about the size of a novel that holds two or more full laptop charges. It can work with many, but not all types of laptops, and it has four ports that allow for charging of USB devices.

Having an online business, I use my laptop and cell phone daily, so the MaxOak gets used most days as well. Two and a half years later, the MaxOak K2, with its lithium polymer batteries, is still going strong. It still is supplying two or so full laptop charges for my computer. It often is powering my computer from the time my laptop battery is near running out, as I am working, until I can get a full charge in the laptop. The MaxOak K2 has never failed me.

One can charge the MaxOak K2 while it is charging the laptop, if you so desire, but I have not had need of that.

The MaxOak K2 Power Bank/laptop charger battery bank comes with connectors to work with many popular types of computers, the AC charger, and a really great neoprene case that protects the charger/battery bank from scuffs. There is nothing else to buy to get to work. The two laptop connection ports on the device are for laptops that need 12 volts of charge and those that need 20 volts of charge. My HP Pavilion takes actually around 19 volts, but the device works just fine, charging the laptop faithfully every time.

One problem I had was likely of my own creation, when the connector from K2 to my laptop began to develop one of those annoying intermittent issues. I believe this is because I live in a tight space, and I was bending the connector too severely when I was using it. I was able to buy a replacement connector and get right up to speed again.

The only other downside I have found is that the MaxOak K2 does take me about 4 and a half hours to fully charge from total battery pack depletion. The manufacturer more conservatively states it takes six to eight hours to fully recharge.

After two and a half years of heavy use, it still looks great and works great. I bought it for $135 USD, which is a bit expensive, but it is an essential part of my work, so the cost is justified.

Unfortunately it is not compatible with Apple laptops (it works with iPhone and iPad), but MaxOak has created another power bank that is supported by these devices MAXOAK 36000mAh Power Bank (Model K3).

The company, MaxOak, is the product’s manufacturer and is very responsive to emails when you have any questions.

The MaxOak K2 specifications are as follows: 

  • 50000mAh/185Wh
  • 14 different DC connectors are provided for a variety of different laptops
  • Ports are DC 20 volt/5 amp, DC 12 volt/2.5 amp, 2 USB 5 volt/2.1 amp, and 2 USB 5 volt/1 amp USB
  • Size: 8.1″ x 5.3″ x 1.3″
  • Weight: 2.77lb

If you need to have two or more devices charges simultaneously, and you are not near an AC plug, I would heartily recommend the MaxOak K2 Laptop Powerbank. Other terms you could use for this device are a portable laptop charger or an external battery pack. Whatever you call the device, it just works simply, reliably, and well for years.

Review overview


  • Massive capacity
  • Many adapters for the most common devices
  • Solid case


  • No Apple laptop support
  • A bit bulky


High capacity and many adapters included to connect with the most common laptops. Really helpful if you travel often and you need your devices stay connected.