Monday, January 20, 2020

Bose Soundlink Around-ear Wireless Headphones II


Bose is one of the most popular brands in audio equipment. Their products have high quality standards and these headphones don’t make an exception.

Born to be wireless, the Soundlink AE II offers an audio connection through Bluetooth. Pairing with devices is pretty easy, I have tried them with a Macbook and an iPhone and they work well for both. They also allow pairing two devices and switch once at time. Very useful if you have a phone call in entrance.

Re-pairing when turning to the device is incredibly quick, I keep my pair exactly on my desk and when I need them they’re ready to use in seconds.


The look follows the line of Bose, design is elegant and clean. The structure is solid and materials used are of good quality, moreover Bose ensures they are impact-resistant.

Another benefit is the comfort. They are lightweight and very comfortable to wear, also for long hours. Several times I forgot I was wearing them.

Sound Quality

Often the headphones sound depends on the taste of the person who uses them. Bose usually opts to be balanced, indeed Soundlink AE II have a clean bright sound, they use the Active EQ technology to ensure a good level of basses and highs, but none of them dominate.

Compared to other models in fact, the basses don’t sound particularly loud, but this seems to be a preference of Bose. If you think a sound more uniform is preferable then Soundlink AE II won’t disappoint you.

In any case sound quality is absolutely enjoyable, and they offer also a really good noise isolation.


Declared battery life is about 15 hours, anyway it charges quickly, in fact with just 15 minutes they will be charged up to 2 hours. The charge is provided by an USB cable. However it is possible to use the cable while the headphones are bing charged, although this headphones sound better wireless.


Soundlink EA II is still one of the best wireless headphones on the market, they don’t have particular cons, and the price isn’t much high considering the overall quality. If you’re looking for a great wireless headphone they are absolutely a good choise.

Review overview


  • Enjoyable sound quality
  • Lightweight and very comfortable to wear
  • Good battery life


  • Very balanced for those who search bass-heavy


A great pair of headphones, solid, comfortable, good sound quality. Price doesn't exceed for what it offers. Still a good choice. Absolutely reccomended!