Monday, January 20, 2020

Best Huawei Phones of 2019


Huawei phones have been slowly climbing the list of affordable smartphones. There are many great smartphones that Huawei manufactures that you can choose from for your cellphone needs. These phones are a great alternative to more expensive smartphones in today’s cellphone market.

However, due to recent changes and laws, Huawei is no longer partnered with Google. Therefore, moving forward there will be no more Google apps or the Play Store that is available with these phones because of an “Entity List” that was derived by U.S. Commerce that prevents American companies from offering support to foreign companies.

Despite this, Huawei still offers many great cellphone options.

Huawei P30 Pro

Of the Huawei Phones, this one is the best on the market. This cellphone comes with a great camera that includes 5X and 10X zoom along with 50X zoom capabilities. The 6.46-inch screen is supported by full HD resolution making it bright. Additionally, there are some great low-light capabilities. The overall battery life is fantastic, allowing you to use your phone all day long without worry of needing a charge. A truly powerful smartphone that sets the bar high when it comes to Huawei phones.


  • The camera is amazing.
  • The design is sleek and modern.


  • EMUI could be polished
  • There is only full HD display

Huawei P30

Though this smartphone has a smaller screen than the previous model, three rear cameras provide you with a maximum zoom of 30X. The display is 6.1-inches and is easier to handle than larger phones. This cellphone can last more than 24 hours on a single charge. The three cameras on the rear make for excellent image quality. There are low-light capabilities and tons of power that make this cellphone an excellent contender.


  • The camera is excellent
  • The processor is very powerful.


  • You cannot charge this phone wirelessly.
  • The resolution is mediocre.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

The design of the Mate 10 is fantastic, making it a very strong cellphone. Though it is an older version of the Huawei phone, it is still one of the best ones. With a 6-inch screen and 1080 X 2160 AMOLED screen, you will be able to have plenty of screen space for adding apps or playing games. The glass back and metal frame make it a solid cellphone that is also water resistant. The speakers are loud and clear, and there is a dual-lens camera for great images.


  • The design is awesome
  • Battery life is great


  • There is no wireless charging
  • No headphone jacks

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

This Huawei phone is the best you can purchase. There is a great mix of both power and design that makes it an amazing phone. The build of this phone offers more screen and an enhanced rear camera with triple lenses. There is also a built-in fingerprint scanner for additional security. The huge 6.3-inch screen gives you plenty of space to the game, add apps or even watch movies. Furthermore, the design is top-notched. Finally, the specs are more powerful than those that you find in high-end competitor options.


  • The on-screen fingerprint scanner for security
  • Triple Cameras
  • Great resolution


  • Expensive
  • UI could use more work.

Huawei P Smart

Of all the Huawei smartphones, this one is a powerful phone that is also one of the most affordable. The design is attractive, providing you with an aluminum back that makes it look more expensive. The screen size is 5.65-inches and provides a 10:9 aspect ratio with 1080 X 2160 resolution. You will have sharp images and a great dual-lens camera at the rear. Additionally, this smartphone charges really quickly.


  • The screen is excellent
  • There is background blur for both front and rear cameras
  • Affordable


  • The camera isn’t great for night shots
  • There are occasional issues with performance


Huawei has been offering great smartphones for several years, now making it a great brand to choose from when looking for a cellphone. The various offerings provide you with both high quality and budget options that will meet any standard.

With the recent laws that prevent Google from having a partnership with Huawei, there is no telling if the app options or the overall support will continue to be just as good as it used to be. However, if you are looking for a great smartphone by Huawei, any of these options will be ideal.